All-Weather Seal of WM FREE BBQ Party

Open house FUN….

Traverse City Open House

September 14, 2013

1-4 pm

2748 Garfield St. N. Suite 8

TC Mi 49686

 We are 4 days away from our Open House in Traverse City, and there is so  much to do and yet so little time!  We have had a couple of weeks prior to this point, but the day just keeps getting closer and closer and yet the finishing touches are not complete!

What is there to planning the open house you ask, well… Food, Drinks, Ice, Set up, tear down, the grilling, and so much more..

We know we are doing hot dogs and Brats, which is always a good hit. Do we go with beef, turkey, or chicken hot dogs?  I know who puts this much thought into a hot dog?  Well, I do.  When you don’t know who will be here, and would most people want just a plain ol hot dog or do we want to make sure everyone’s tastes are met!  Of course we want our customers, friends and family to have a good time, enjoy their lunch and actually eat the hot dogs!  Not only that, I am the one who is organizing this open house and heavens the pressure is ON!!

As I sit here I wonder, will people show up?  I sent out hundreds of invites, posted the open house on Facebook, shared it with friends and staff has been handing them out to everyone as well.  I just plan too much and worry too much!! 

I am gathering a list with everything that I need for the Open House, and it is getting a little long.  I may go over budget a smidge, but really I didn’t have a budget per say, so am I going over budget?  I don’t know, my boss will have to let me know after all the bills come in!! 

So, my list grows, planning continues and  my staff is thrilled that they get to hang out and BBQ for the day versus hitting the street canvassing but I forgot to mention to them that they have to do all the clean up!! Oh, and they will be doing the grilling too, did I forget to let them know that part.. oops.  This is a social event for the office, time to shine and show off our new space!!  We are ready to Rock it out at AWS West Traverse City Office!!  Come meet our Team, see our office, have lunch on the Boss… It’s  a Parking Lot Party AWS West Style !!!!   Bring on the Grill and hope to see you there!!

For More Info go here


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