Here Comes Winter

Here comes winter and with winter comes high energy bills, holidays and the attempt to figure out how to manage the high heat bills that are coming soon.

While visiting multiple fairs this summer I came across a vendor booth that offered free estimates on windows, siding, and roofing and the option to save money!

I decided to take them up on their offer of a free estimate on some windows.  I set up a time for All Weather Seal to come out and visit my home.

I was expecting a salesman to come to my home with the purpose of selling me windows no matter what.  That wasn’t what I got at all, instead I got an education!

The All Weather Seal representative that came to my home was friendly, not pushy and gave me an education on how much heat I was losing through my old windows.

I learned that I was losing an excessive amount of heat through my windows and replacing those old windows with some new energy efficient windows could cut my heat bills about 30%!

I decided to trade in those old windows for some new, and I gained some friends along the way!  The AWS family became friends, as I spoke with them regularly and several came to my home.

My AWS representative measured for my new windows, gave me a price and I gave him a check and he left thanking me for my time!  A few days later a call from AWS came in letting me know that an installer was coming out to measure the windows for a second time prior to ordering.  Double measuring, at this point I am doubly impressed!  The installer measured and let me know the first measurements were great, and they would now order my windows, and I should expect my new windows in a few weeks.

Seems like just a few days later I receive a phone call letting me know that my windows were in and ready for installation!  AWS set up a time for the installer to come out and do their thing.  They arrived and made quick work of replacing some old windows with beautiful new windows!  The installers finished the work and thanked me, yes thanked ME for my time and choosing AWS!

After they left, I grabbed a cup of coffee and looked out my new windows, I saw clearly for the first time in years from my window!   The next day I receive a phone call from AWS asking me how the installers were and if they cleaned up their mess and were respectful of me and my home.  Well, that was a first! I let them know that the installers were great, no mess left behind and I loved my windows!

Now to sit back and enjoy and wait to see the energy savings roll in!

-A. Johnston, Grand Rapids, Mi


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