I Miss Summer Already

I think I blinked and missed what may have been a great summer.

While I worked and did enjoy a few fun things this summer, not nearly as many as I would have liked but I can say that summer could have hung around a little longer.

This was my first summer at AWS West, and it was a busy summer for all of us.  We worked events all over Michigan, and it seems that every day found us at one corner or another of the state.  Thankfully we have a great team of set up people, they often left one area and drove in the opposite direction to set up another event for us!

Personally, I didn’t work as many events as others, but I enjoyed the ones that I did work.  Since I work primarily in the office, I chose to work a few events close to home for me which was great!  Less travel time for me and I got the chance to talk with people in areas that I have lived.

My first event for AWS West was for Bear Lake Days, my hometown celebration!  Small town, big fun, we have a nice celebration with lots of fun activities over the weekend. AWS set up a booth downtown, and this was my first event for AWS West. A little excited and nervous at the same time but the sun shined all day in Bear Lake! I had a great time working, I got to work in my home town, see people I knew, showed people our great products and had a great co-worker for the day!  Someone who knew what he was doing more than me! We talked and talked to person after person for hours!  We could have sold and installed multiple roofs that day, had we taken our work to Texas, North Carolina and Arizona!  Sure I said, only if we get to go too!

Best visitor at the booth asked us if we did Kitchen’s. She said she desperately needed a new kitchen and could we take care of that for her, sadly we told her that no, we didn’t do kitchens, only windows, siding, doors, and metal roofing but please let us help you with those needs.

While Bear Lake was full of visitors for the weekend, the sun shined on us, we smelled hot dogs, popcorn, roasted almonds, and offers of fresh lemonade were on each end of the street, we made our grand entrance as a vendor at Bear Lake Days 2013, and are excited to be a part of 2014 as the planning for next year begins!



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