A Little Bit About Us

Who is All-Weather Seal of West Michigan you ask? We are a family owned and operated business. Thirty Two years in business, and still going strong today!

AWSWest employees not only make a great team, but a great family!  While there are many areas of AWSWest, we all work together as a team, as a family.

You may see an ad for us once in a while, but for the most part you see us in person. We feel that seeing us and talking with us makes more of a personal statement.

We believe that you as the customer, or a potential customer, deserves more than just an ad in the paper or a link to click.  We want you to see us out in public, talk with us and see our products first hand.

An ad is just that an ad that says a little bit about the company, maybe offer some type of sale but with us you get US… We tell you about the company, about us and you will always get the best price with us, no gimmicks, no hidden costs.  With us the bottom line is the bottom line.  Nice right?

We have 2 great showrooms located in Lowell, Michigan and Traverse City, Michigan, that anyone can walk in, see our products, touch them and talk with us face to face. We want you to come see us that is why we are out in public at every event we can be at. You will see us at craft shows, music festivals, bazaars, home expos, business expos and so many more events.  For us, that is a way for everyone to get to know us, not only as a company but as the family we are.

When you work with us, you have an entire family working with you, from the moment we first speak, to the time the final work is complete on your home.  All Weather Seal of West Michigan is an extension of your family, and you are an extension of ours. We take pride in our work, our company, and most importantly YOUR HOME…

The coffee is always on, stop by and have a cup with us and let’s get to know each other!!!



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