Giving Back

Giving back is always warm and fuzzy!!  Well, most of the time anyhow.

While every day there is someone somewhere seeking a donation of one thing or another, or asking for sponsorship for this event or another.  A business cannot always do everything for everyone as much as they would like to.

Sometimes you have to say no as much as you don’t want to, the ability to help everyone isn’t possible.

At All Weather Seal West, we do the best to help when we can and we do as much as we can, while we do sponsor teams here and there, we make donations for this and that. Those things make a difference on a large scale for an event or fundraiser.  While we don’t make light of any support or donation that we contribute to, sometimes we strive to make a difference for one family in a way that can ease their worries.

We give back to the community in several ways, on the smaller every day venues, but once a year we make a difference in a way that makes us smile and often times leaves many in tears.

We give away a house full of windows to a family who otherwise could not do so, we as a team may run across a family that can use some things to maintain their home to make it more energy efficient and may not be able to do so on their own.  This is where as a team we come together to make that difference. The ability to make a family smile as we smile knowing that we can help them makes us proud to be part of a company that cares enough to give away something that will give a lifetime of less worry.

We have a yearly drawing where anyone can register for $15,000 in home repairs towards windows, siding or roofing.  For an entire year we collect these slips and as the pile grows the bucket they are placed in grows as well.  Christmas time comes and that is when the drawing takes place, what better time of year to give such a gift.  Giving back is where it is at, there is no gift too big or too small.  The end result is what matters most.

All Weather Seal has been known to give away a window or two and a few sheets of siding as well.  Over the last couple of years we have given and installed almost 72 windows for the Flat River Outreach Ministries in Lowell Michigan.  We have also installed siding and windows for Gilda’s Club in Lowell as well.  We are a community business, with community ties and believe that we don’t always have to say no, no matter how big or how small we can make a difference!

About 20 years ago Mr. McDowell started what has since become a lifetime of giving back.  We at All Weather Seal are proud to make a difference each year and knowing that for some the gift they receive is a gift that continues for years to come.  This makes for a warm and fuzzy day at the office!


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