Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings time, Spring Ahead and Fall Back.

Crazy how with these 2 times a year, we know that first we lose and hour in the Spring and then we gain an hour in the Fall. Twice a year we also change the batteries in our smoke detectors, it almost goes hand in hand.  A great time to remember the important life saving devices in our home.

While many of us changed our clocks, some areas did not as at one time or another our times “meet” and then we break ways at the next change.  What does it mean when we change our clocks?  For many it meant an extra hour of sleep, some meant they had to work an extra hour as we ‘fell back’ in time.

While daylight savings time means different things to many people, the ultimate goal with daylight savings was to conserve resources during WWI.  In the early 1900’s it began officially in Germany and today it continues all over.

For farmers in the fall it offers an extra hour of daylight to do the evening chores, for some the drive to work in the early morning is a little lighter.

Generally the first few days is an adjustment as we remember to set all our clocks to the new time, we remember that while it is winter, what this time change brings to us.

Overall with Daylight savings time, we do save energy!  During the course of one year every household saves!  House by house the savings is minimal, but if one combines the savings of 100,000 homes during daylight savings time, the combined energy savings is approximately 1.3 billion Kilowatt hours!

How is that for some energy savings? At All Weather Seal of West Michigan, while we can’t promise you energy savings on that scale, we can promise you a savings of at least 30% each month when you replace you windows with our preservation line!  This would be a savings over the course of a lifetime for you!

Give us a call and let us show you how we can save you energy daily, month by month, year by year in your home when you replace your old windows!  Daylight savings time comes only twice a year, but with AWSWest your savings will last a lifetime!


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