Tax Season

Tax Season!!  Sneaking upon us every minute as each day passes!

While no one wants to think about taxes, do we owe, do they owe us. Will we have to pay in a huge amount, or maybe we will be lucky to get a refund?  Just a few of the questions that we ask ourselves as we prepare for the end result when we file our taxes.

Some things to think about and if you haven’t done so and are considering it, still time to get the ball moving on a few things that may get you a tax break this year!

You may be eligible for a 10% tax credit of the cost up to $500 for metal roofing, or some windows (window cap is $200) or doors!  This means for you the homeowner, if you had or are planning on having some work done yet this year, check into All Weather Seal steel roofing and preservation windows or our line of entry doors!

As you go into the winter season, give us a call so that we can help you save energy year round and for tax season, you may be eligible for a tax credit for work completed by 12-31-2013!

How nice would it be to have some new energy efficient windows or that new steel roof you have been wanting and to have Uncle Sam give you a little bit of a tax credit just for completing the project by years end? 

All Weather Seal West is here to help you with questions, and a free energy audit as well as an estimate to help get the energy savings that you deserve!


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