Today, more of us are looking at ways to improve our living with recycling, less waste and any other way that will make the Earth more ecofriendly for us and for our families today and in the future!
For today’s homeowner that cares about their environment and surroundings, they are constantly seeking out ways to improve their homes “green” status!
Making a green home has become a priority to many families these days, as we continue to learn about the way our daily living impacts the environment, most contributions are a negative impact. With that in mind, we want a green home, green surroundings. One area where we can become more GREEN is with our roofing, our homes roof is an area that can impact the environment significantly.
Asphalt roofing shingles, from the processing, throughout the life span, are polluting our environment!
How you ask, well in many ways, asphalt shingles are less energy efficient, they have a short life cycle, and then when disposed of more often than not they are disposed of in landfills and not recycled!
Asphalt shingles, attract and absorb the sun’s heat which can raise the temperature inside you home as much as 20 degrees, which can cause your cooling costs to rise as well.
Today’s asphalt shingles may last 10-15 years, and then the cycle continues on. Some home owners find themselves replacing their roof after 5 years! How is that for pollution!
When making the decision to GO GREEN, choose an energy efficient Steel Roof, that you will never have to replace! Steel Roofing is 100% recyclable, Qualifies for LEED Credits, and can DECREASE you home energy bills.
All Weather Seal West Michigan, is proud to be GREEN with our roofing! Give us a call to see how we can save you energy, protect the environment, and be a proud partner in an environmentally friendly roofing system !


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