How do you know if a customer is satisfied with what you did on their home? 

While they can say they are happy, they can acknowledge the completion of the job, they can speak the words but sometimes their actions speak a little louder.

I have had the great pleasure to speak with a few customers here and there about the work they had done, the new roof and how long ago it was done and that they love it and are glad that they did this as they will never have to worry about another roof!

Some customers tell friends and family about their completed project, and that is hands down some of the best advertising out there!  For All Weather Seal, word of mouth is picture-perfect.  We want the customer to be happy so that they WILL tell others about us!

Sometimes, a customer will go an extra mile to let you know how happy they are with their project!  I had the opportunity to see that first hand!  While I have chatted with customers, and a few emails here and there. Some customers just go that extra mile, just like we do!

The door opens to the office, and in walks a customer with a plate of homemade cookies from his family! While they certainly didn’t have to do that, it was greatly appreciated and they were yummy!

Talk about satisfaction!  They are great customers, that are loving their results, and I am loving the fact that they are satisfied!


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