A Christmas Gift

The Holiday Season is upon us, and while many of us are warm and toasty in our homes, there are many that are not as warm.  At All Weather Seal, we like to see families warm and enjoying some energy savings as well.

Each year we do a $15,000 Home Improvement Giveaway, with this one lucky family receives a house full of windows! For 20 years now this has been an annual event, Christmas is the time of giving, family, friends and rejoicing.  For AWS Christmas is the time we choose to give back to one lucky family, we give someone a gift that continues to give each day.  While the gift isn’t instant, it takes a little bit of time to measure, order and install the gift of windows, but we do so as quickly as we possibly can!

Imagine getting the call saying that you have WON a houseful of windows!  For some it is a dream come true, for some they are in doubt and don’t believe that they have won such a gift.  We frequently are on the receiving end of hangs us as they often think that it is a joke and will hang up on us.  So we call again, and let them know that yes they did WIN a houseful of windows! Then reality sets in and the screams of joy and squeals are so loud that the phone must be moved away from the ear!  We are never too sure who is more excited, the receiving family or the AWS staff who are on hand when the call is made!

What a great gift to give someone, and imagine doing this for 20 years, it doesn’t get old, it is still as exciting today as it was all those years ago!  What was started by David McDowell then, is continued on by his son today.   While giving back is not something that is only done at Christmas, All Weather Seal West gives year round to many organizations and community events.

Success is not measured by what you get out of life, but by what you give back.




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