Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware! 

Contractors come and contractors go, there will always be another one knocking on someone’s door somewhere.  How do you know if the contractor knocking on your door is legit?

Tell-tale signs that the contractor may be a conman in disguise:

  1. If they refuse to give you a copy of their license and Insurance!
  2. No verifiable references!
  3. No contract! 
  4. Make the check out to me personally!
  5. Pay for all supplies today!

Con-men come in many shapes and sizes, and they will offer up almost everything that seems too good to be true, in which case it is!  They want your money, and they most often will not return to do the work promised, leaving behind a homeowner, that has paid for home improvements and now is left holding the bag!

You are out the time, money and the promise of those home improvements, all because you believed and trusted!

Be wary, research your contractor, the company they work for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for proof they are licensed and insured!  If they have nothing to hide, they are more than willing to show you!

At All Weather Seal West Michigan, we encourage you to ask questions, we offer you our license and insurance, better yet, we PUBLISH it in our brochures! No doubts when you can see it in black and white!

We have a contract for you, signed, sealed and delivered outlining all costs, repairs and with no room for extras behind your back!  References, we offer them up and they are just thrilled to talk to you about us!


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