Save Some Money and Energy

Your home heating and cooling costs account for about 56% of your homes energy use!  In the middle of winter you will want to keep your home as warm and toasty as possible.  Keeping your energy bill as low as possible can put those savings back into your pocket!

Listed below are a few energy efficiency ideas to help keep your energy costs down this winter.

1. Your thermostat if installed near direct sunlight, drafty area, doorways, or windows can give your thermostat a false sense of security making it adjust to the “false” reading it has.

2.  Who would think that your appliances would suck up energy when they aren’t being used!  Unplug your chargers, and odds and ends that you aren’t using as they suck up energy even when NOT in use!

3. Open your shades or blinds in the winter months letting in the sunlight to warm your home when possible.

4. Make sure there isn’t any cold air coming in your closed windows!  If there is cold air coming in, your heat will escape and you won’t be as warm this winter!  Try to fix it so you can save some energy and money.

5.  Kitchen tip, wash all your dishes first then rinse them all!  That will cut down your energy bill some!  Who knew? 

6.  The simplest one of all, but most of us don’t do this (I know I don’t)  turn off your lights and TV when you leave a room!  This can be a big energy savings. 

While these are just a few simple hints to help you save some energy over the winter months we hope this saves you slightly this winter.  Stay warm, stay dry and keep the cold at bay one day at a time


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