Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays… While many of us will be heading home for the upcoming Holidays, and many will be having friends and family over but for many men and women they won’t be heading home for the Holidays.
Service men and women will be spending the Holidays with their family, their military families that is. While thousands of our service men and women serve our country day in and day out, often we don’t think about them not spending time with their families. There are children, grandchildren, parents and siblings who will not be spending time with their loved ones as they have family members that are serving our country.
While we will be enjoying our family and friends during the Holiday Season, take a moment and give thanks to the men and women who are unselfishly giving up their Holiday so they can serve our country. A day doesn’t pass that someone, somewhere doesn’t get to tuck their child in or read a bed time story or kiss a loved one goodnight. All things that we may overlook as a routine, we just do it, automatically.
While technology aids many in keeping in touch with family and friends, those who can’t come home rely on phone calls and video chats to keep current and to see the faces of their families. While nothing can replace that smile, that touch, a hug or kiss, knowing that they are serving our country is a sacrifice that they have chosen to make.
When picking up those Holiday cards for friends and family, or sending out those Christmas Cards, address an extra one please. Any Service Member, one extra card, one extra minute is all it takes to let a service member know that you appreciate their sacrifice for you.
We all have extra cards laying around home, many times we have extras left over from last season and wonder what to do with them. One extra card, to one service member, give thanks, let them know that their sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you have two cards, address two.
From all of us at All Weather Seal West Michigan, we invite you to join us in sending Holiday Greetings to any Service Member. If you are close to either one of our offices, feel free to drop off a card or two even three and we will be more than happy to send them out for you. The address is listed below to directly send out a card for our service members.

Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456


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