Thanksgiving Traditions Turkey, stuffing

Thanksgiving Traditions

Turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce: These are the classic Thanksgiving foods that grace the holiday dinner table. Still, each family has its own history and brings its own traditions to the holiday season.

We travel to be with friends and family and spend the day reliving yesteryear and memories come alive as laughter fills the air, another Thanksgiving memory is made. Our children hear us as we laugh and cry tears of joy with each stir of the gravy and those sounds are one that will go with them into their families’ years down the road.

In families, usually certain tasks are taken on by the same family members each year as that is ‘their’ task, you can’t have Uncle Joe make the Sweet Potato Pie when Gramma has been doing it for more than 20 years! I remember the stepping stone of life as I was finally ‘old enough’ to sit at the adult table during Holiday dinners! What a milestone that was, and it continued on with each grandchild and onto the great grandchildren. The rite of passage to the adult table came when each child hit 13, the magic number when you graced the adult table, and entered into the adult conversation. Gone were the silly looks, blowing bubbles into the glass of milk, or fighting over that last piece of pie. Contributions and traditions are all a part of the Holiday season. We look forward to these times and cherish the memories as we laugh, cook, bake, plan and reminisce over the Holidays past.

Making memories is what Holidays are all about, we tell stories from holidays past, memories of loved ones that have left us, and we treasure the memories of yesterday and the memories of tomorrow.
Thanksgiving is a day of Thanks. Thanks we give for the blessings that we have today, tomorrow and for the days ahead of us…

From all of us at All Weather Seal West Michigan, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day full of family, friends, food and wonderful memories to cherish today, tomorrow and always!


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