The Season of Giving Today, tomorrow and

The Season of Giving

Today, tomorrow and always, giving is a way to give back for all the blessing you have received throughout the year.
While some days you may feel that your blessing have fallen short, others have many less blessings.
While we head full force into the Holiday Season and are out shopping, add one more gift to the list, grab a toy, book, or something a child would enjoy and take it to a local Toys For Tots drop off location. If you don’t have one close to you, find a church that is adopting a family for the Holiday season, and take it there.
In your community, there are churches, schools, and multiple organizations that are helping families year round, and especially at Christmas to ensure that families have a great Christmas. One family at a time, each community can make a difference in their lives.
If you think that you cannot make a difference, you are wrong, you can make a difference. Your one gift, added to the next person’s one gift will give the gift of a smiling child on Christmas morning. Imagine the smile that will light up the room when there are gifts to open that Santa has left behind.
Christmas is the season of peace, love, joy and giving. It takes a village to raise a child they say, it takes a community working together to help families in hard times. One person, one family, one community, together they can overcome hard times and celebrate.
The gift of giving doesn’t have to mean only a gift, it is the gift of yourself. The gift of serving a meal to the homeless, volunteering at the food pantry, taking a moment to say thank you, wishing someone a Happy Holiday.
Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at All Weather Seal West Michigan and we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas ~ Giving of ourselves.


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