2013 Windows of Warmth Giveaway

2013 find All Weather Seal West Michigan ending with a smile on our faces and warm hearts!

All Weather Seal West Michigan had several nominations for our Window of Warmth giveaway this year.  Nominations were accepted through December 5, 2013 and were voted on December 6, 2013.

The sound of silence as nominations are talked about and the families that are nominated are described.  Descriptions of their homes, their commitment to the community and their families despite having fallen on hard times.

A house full of windows for one deserving family is another way we at AWS give back to the community!  At the annual Christmas Party the employees are told the heart stopping stories of all the families that have been nominated. We are presented with all the information on the families, and from there we decide who we want the Window of Warmth recipient to be.  While, it seems as though it may be an easy task, it isn’t.

Having to decide which family in need is more deserving than the next is a difficult undertaking.  We listen to their stories and get to see photos of the windows currently in the homes. We look and listen with heavy hearts as we see mold on windows, snow built up inside the frames and sometimes we just cannot believe the shape of some of the windows that we look at.

Hard times happen to everyone, and each family makes the best of every situation dealt to them, and when we can step in and help make a difference we are happy to do so.

High heating bills play a part in these families lives as well, some months in the Winter reach upwards of $400, and when you are struggling to begin with, that makes the struggle even more so difficult.  As we listen, look and read about the families that are nominated, one in particular makes us listen more intently.  While all families nominated are worthy they all have different situations and needs, no one is less deserving that the next, we wish we could help all the families that are nominated.

Our family that won this year’s Window of Warmth giveaway is from Lowell, Michigan AWS’s hometown.  This family is very active in the community, within their church family and all 5 of their children attend Lowell area schools.

Although hard times hit this family, they have managed to keep a smile on their faces and still remain active in the community.  Colder weather has them facing $400 a month in heating bills and they keep their heat at around 60 -63 degrees, the windows in their home do not fit properly, they don’t latch completely and this makes their home very drafty, as a result even temperatures in the home are not maintained due to the cold air that sneaks in from the windows.

High energy bills aren’t the only problems that were caused by their ill-fitting windows. Between the cold breeze whistling through gaps in the windows and the uneven temperatures resulting from the lack of insulation in the windows, moisture has built and mold growth has invaded the home, which is contributing to excessive illness.

This family has found themselves in the middle of a battle with mold that will not leave, mold spores like moist, wet areas and the drafty windows are a breeding ground that continues to thrive. Adding to the family’s difficulty their 7 year old son developed asthma 3 years ago, which is highly aggravated by the cold drafts and mold growing on the windows. Although the windows are cleaned regularly to try to ease the toxic airborne environment, there is never enough bleach in the bottle to fend off such a determined intruder. The results being absences from school, increased asthma attacks and days spent watching other kids play outside but not being able to join them like a normal 7 year old child.

This family was nominated by an anonymous person and they were voted on almost unanimously by the All Weather Seal West Michigan Family. We are proud to be able to give a house full of windows to this family that is so deserving and we hope that in time, with new windows, this little boy will be able to attend school daily, and play with his friends and family without hesitation due to his asthma.

With the installation of All Weather Seal windows, the family’s high energy bills will be a thing of the past, and AWS is optimistic that this little boy’s health problems will also improve daily. Each year one family benefits for our Windows of Warmth Giveaway, at AWS we smile every day knowing that we help make a difference.


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