12 Days of Christmas

Today begins the Countdown to Christmas, for many it means the baking of Holiday Goodies, finishing up the shopping, and Holiday gatherings with family and friends.

Children in school are gearing up towards the Holiday Parties in their classes along with Secret Santa with the class mates. Teacher gifts, Christmas movies, snacks and Silly Songs that are sung during the Christmas Programs at schools.

What a great way to bring on the Season, Holiday Cheer is exciting for all.  Santa brings joy to everyone off all ages, whether he is Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas or simply “Santa” he is legendary, mythical, and historical in many cultures.

Santa is said to bring gifts to the home of good children on the night before Christmas.  He is a jolly white bearded man who sports a red coat with white collars and cuffs, red trousers, big black belt, boots and carries a bag full of gifts!

Santa is full of magic, he lives in the North Pole, has a large number of magical elves to make all the toys that he delivers on one lone night. Santa delivers these gifts all over the world in his sleigh with the assistance of is flying reindeer!

Whatever you happen to call this man of wonder, he is a man of honor, tradition and full of hope.  Santa magically enters your home through the chimney, and if you don’t have a chimney he will still leave evidence that he has visited your home, how he enters only he knows!

Traditionally Santa is left a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk to enjoy, imagine how many cookies Santa enjoys if he only takes one bite from each plate of cookies left behind?

As we enter this 12 Days of Christmas, enjoy the traditions you have begun with your family or the ones you carry on from previous generations. Spread the Holiday Cheer as you smile, remember Holidays past and the look of wonder in children’s faces as they see Santa up close!

For me, my constant Christmas Tradition was baking cookies with my dad, as an Army Brat, we traveled and Christmas was not always a time we were able to come home, but wherever we were cookies were made, cut out, baked and decorated! To this day, I make the same cookies with my children that I made with my parents,while my dad is no longer here to enjoy this tradition with us it is a memory that I treasure.  I hope to carry on this tradition with my grandchildren as my children grow and start families on their own.  I treasure the day we spend spreading flour around the kitchen, cookies cutters everywhere, the vast array of icing colors and sprinkles to choose from all while Christmas music is played in the background and we laugh and remember the days when my dad was here as the official ‘taste tester’.

From all of us at All Weather Seal, leave a plate of cookies out for Santa and the glass of milk too, but a little secret that I do with my kids, we leave carrots out for the reindeer too!  They must get hungry working all night, and why should Santa be the only one who gets treats!



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