From Our Kitchen to Yours!

Cookies, candies and all the treats that go along with Christmas!  Holiday Baking is always a fun way to get together with friends, families and co-workers.

Fudge, rock candy, sugar cookies, buckeyes or the traditional church windows, are all somewhere in the lineup of Holiday baking.  There are thousands of cookies made, pounds of fudge each Christmas and even more buckeyes rolled and dipped!

Holiday Season brings forth many cookie walks and exchanges where you can bring a dozen or two of your favorite cookies or treats and leave with someone else’s favorites!  Such a good way to get a few different goodies, and often times it is done as a fund raiser for a community group!  Treats and a good cause, nothing says Giving Back better!

We bake and bake it seems to no end in sight, we give to the neighbors, friends, co-workers, the mail carrier, kids parties and some just for us! We cannot forget the treats we leave out at night for Santa to enjoy as he makes that extra special delivery for us!

We enjoy measuring, mixing, sampling and then handing out, to see the smiles in the eyes of that elderly neighbor who may not want to bake for just them, we can brighten their day with just a simple tray of goodies delivered to their door!

When putting together those trays of goodies for friends and family, put a small one together for that neighbor to enjoy!

All of us at AWS wish you a joyous baking season as the countdown hits day number 6 until Christmas arrives!  Ready or not, Tis the Season!

From our kitchen to yours here is a recipe for those infamous Buckeyes that we all love, and we all love to make!  From Mixer to pan to refrigerator to enjoyment, these can be enjoyed in about an hour or less!!

Buckeye Bars!!

Makes 1 9×13 pan

1 stick unsalted butter ~ 1 pound creamy peanut butter ~ 2 cups powder sugar ~ 2 pounds semi-sweet chocolate chips

  1.  Line a pan with parchment paper and set aside until ready to use
  2. Melt butter and add to a bowl for mixing, add the peanut butter and mix together
  3. Slowly add in powder sugar until everything is combined and you get the thick peanut butter mixture (it will resemble soft fudge stage) and should hold shape if rolled into a ball.
  4. Melt 1 ½ pounds of the chocolate and spread into the bottom of the pan.  Let cool.
  5. Press the peanut butter mixture on top of the chocolate evenly
  6. Melt remaining chocolate and spread onto peanut butter, let harden and then cut into squares and enjoy!

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