I LOVE IT!! Thank you!!!

uglysweaterDid you get a Holiday gift you didn’t really want?  Did Great Aunt Irma pass along one of those hand knit sweaters again, the one that is too big, too loud and just not something you want to wear, let alone in public?

We all have a Great Aunt Irma that always gives that gift that you really just don’t want to open, anticipation of that one thing that you could just do without each year.  While gift giving is in the eye of the giver, and we never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so we smile and say thank you and wear the item only for a minute in the presence of the gift giver (while we smile and cringe on the inside).

How do we tell Great Aunt Irma that gifts really aren’t necessary, how do we tell our families that while we appreciate the generosity, their loving thoughts but we don’t appreciate the gifts that we often have to stand in line to return, or we regift at a later date (oops don’t tell).

So maybe we are in the middle of a Home Improvement project, maybe we are in the middle of buying some windows or thinking about new windows.  At All Weather Seal West Michigan, gift giving can be easy and a gift that you don’t have to return nor do you have to worry about what you are getting!

Tell Great Aunt Irma that you are planning a project, tell your family that in lieu of gifts this year, please feel free to contribute towards the purchase of those windows you need!  What better gift to give and to receive!  Great Aunt Irma can be warm and toasty next year when she comes to visit, and be proud knowing that she helped with those new windows in your home!

So this year, before you knit that sweater, buy that tea koozie, buy one more toaster, check with your family and see if any home improvement projects are under way and make a gift that will continue to give.

Give the gift of warmth and energy savings to your family!  All Weather Seal is here to assist in your Holiday Gifts this year, one window , one smile, one home and one less ugly sweater at a time!


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