2013 Highlights !!

2013review2013 in review ~2013 was a busy year for everyone! Not only for AWS but for the country as well…

Some of the highlights in 2013 included such odd things as Twerking!  Twerking?  You tube videos of Twerking have been posted all over, making this a laugh for many with all the different variations!  In the social media end of 2013 snap chat and bit strips have become popular!  Snap Chat lets you take a picture and post it and friends who follow you can see it, then it disappears as if it was never done!  You can’t rewind, or take a second peek of anything that was posted via snap chat!  Bit Strips, a cute little cartoon that you can design and they star your friends and family!  Instant humor comic strip style!

Princess Diana would be oh so proud to know that her first born and his wife gave birth to the Royal Baby this year!  What a year the Royal Family has had! Duck Dynasty has given a laugh or two this year, the Duck Dynasty Kids visited a couple of places in Michigan for some local fun!  Camo and Duck Dynasty costumes were very popular this Halloween Season.

For a more serious take on 2013, we found ourselves with Obama Care at the helm, and met with turns, detours and road blocks while attempting to navigate this health care plan.  While still under construction, they say that the site has made improvements, but for many the Obama Care plan is still hard to handle!  Government shutdown was not handled well at all, for many paychecks were stopped, agencies were closed, the road was not traveled well.  Sadly, some of the most visited sites were closed due to the shutdown, museums and zoos were affected as well!  For many vacations plans were halted, while gates were closed! While it seemed to last too long, Government opened its doors again, and back in business we were!

Boston Marathon will never be the same again, for many it was a tragedy, for others it is a memory to meet again.  Running may or may not be welcomed by some in the same way, while tragedy happened, lives were lost, but those lives will be honored with each pace runners take from that day forward.

For All Weather Seal West Michigan our 2013 was eventful, full of growth, sorrow and laughter as we cried, laughed and held moments of peace all through the year.

AWS opened a new office in Traverse City, making this our second location!  Growth in a community that has welcomed us in the past years, now we proudly say that we are a part of that community! We made our first livestock 4-H purchase at the Northwestern Michigan Fair this year, and what a fair it was!

As a team, we have increased our ranking in the Top 550 businesses for Remodeling and Home Improvements, we are proud to say that this year our ranking is 113!  We are also fortune to receive the 2013 Super Service Award from Angie’s List, what a great year!

Our Window of Warmth winner and the Houseful of window winner are both thrilled to have been given such a gift!  We are thrilled to be able to do so much for the communities we are in!  The FROM (Flat River Out Reach Ministries) window donation has been completed!

2013 has been a year worth remembering, growth, and learning, with trial and error we find ourselves stronger and excited for a new year with new beginnings!

From all of us at All Weather Seal West Michigan, we hope your 2013 was grand and that 2014 will be fantastic!


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