Polar Bear Welcome for January

polarvortexPolar Vortex, Artic Winds, Deep Freeze and subzero temperatures were the main topics for a few days all over the country!

Polar Vortex?  Not a clue, but January 2014 welcomed us with temperatures colder, yes colder than the North Pole! Is that possible? Totally possible, for 36 hours we found ourselves with subzero temps and high winds!

Wind-chill factors tagged with the cold temperatures made most of the country feeling as if we were living in Antarctica!  There wasn’t one hot spot untouched, due in part to the southern extent of the cold wave, on January 7, locations in all 50 states recorded a temperature below freezing!

Chicago found themselves with a reading of -16 F and the National Weather Service Dubbed Chicago Chiberia ~ Cold front hits ChiTown!!

For Motor City, record low of -14 F only to have been beaten by a day in 1994 by -2 degrees. The coldest to hit Motor City in 140 years!  2014 has shown us to be a record cold!

During our Polar Vortex, we found ourselves faced with Hell Freezing over!!  Literally!!  Hell, Michigan found itself froze over during this Polar Vortex!

Factor in the wind chill and the subzero temperatures, most areas were feeling temps of -30 to -40 F below zero!!!

Hundreds of schools were closed Monday and Tuesday, many government agencies shut down as well.  Local businesses closed early and then didn’t open on Tuesday.

January gave us a chilly start to the New Year!  I am hoping that the ‘In like a Lion out like a Lamb’ is how it will be!


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