Why did I wait?

0degreeWinter has hit us with unreal temperatures and high winds this year.  Harsh winter barely covers it, as we are faced with below normal temps, snowing and blowing I am forced to listen to the wind howl and the cold wind sneak into my home through my windows and sliders!  While a ‘normal’ winter has made the drafts more noticeable the past couple of years, this year finds us with more drafts than we like!

The temps have been hovering around the low teens to single digits, and that coupled with drafty windows and sliders is making for a very chilly winter! Not only on the outside but inside my home as well.  I put off replacing my sliders in hopes of holding out for another year or so as replacing 4 sliders is what is really needed..

It seems as though my furnace is running more than it normally does this time of year, making the electric bill higher, the fuel oil bill higher and the long run cost for this winter would probably have purchased a new slider! 

Home repairs are never an easy task to tackle, but I know believe that when I feel that it is time to make those repairs, I will not wait and try to hold off for another year.  I am paying the ultimate price this year, a cold, drafty house that doesn’t even begin to stay warm this year and high energy bills!

As soon as possible I will be making that call to AWS, to inquire about replacing those sliders, it may only be one at a time, but with AWS I can lock in the price of those 4 much needed sliders at the initial visit and complete the sliders over the year! 

So, as I sit on my couch, bundled up in a sweatshirt with a heated blanket on my lap I can say that this time next year I will be much warmer with my new AWS Sliders that will be installed!!! 


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