Is it spring yet?

spring flower snow43 days until the first signs of spring will arrive!  Or will they?  This winter has embraced us with colder than cold temperatures, high winds, and so much snow that we can hold the winter Olympics in our back yard!

Record numbers of snow have hit us and many areas around.  Some states have seen snow that most generally don’t see snow and icy roads shut Georgia down for a couple of days!

Snow plows have been on the clock it seems 24 hours a day and they haven’t been able to keep up with the snow fall.  Back roads have been closed at times due to the drifting and blowing in many areas.

Polar Vortex, Chiberia, Frosty, below zero are only a few words that have been used to describe this winter!  Getting warm and keeping warm this winter has been a problem for many of us!  Turning the heat up hasn’t helped much this year as the wind chill factor has been below zero more than it has been above!

How many of us have turned on the stove to bake something, just to keep the kitchen area a little warmer while we were in there?  Sorry, but I am guilty of this several times over!  Making something and baking is a perfect way to get a little warm, even if only for a few minutes!  A great way to have fun with the kids on the never ending supply of snow days this winter!

From AWS to all of you ~ here is a warming quick cookie treat to make, and enjoy with the kids sometime !!

Cake Cookies

1 box Moist Chocolate Cake Mix.. (Pillsbury is my choice)

1 stick butter ~ 1 egg ~ 4 tablespoons water (slightly more if appears dry)

Chocolate chips or any type of add in .. M&M’s, nuts, anything extra you like

Mix all ingredients together (batter will be thick)

Drop by spoonful on cookie sheet, bake for 11 minutes at 350 degrees…..  let cool for a minute than transfer to finish cooling.. Enjoy, a perfect quick treat to share and you get a little warmer in the process..


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