Throwback Thursday 1896

olympics1896Throwback Thursday takes us back to the beginning of the Modern Olympics.  April 6, 1896 was the first official Olympics in Athens at the Panathenaic Stadium.  Hosting 43 events some included swimming, road cycling, artistic, wrestling, fencing and a few others.  Where the winners received metals but also olive branches.

The beginning of what has become a long awaited events viewing, not only in person but online, and television for thousands of people.

In 1900, women began competing in the events adding a few more events to the schedule and excitement for many viewers and participants alike.   In 1908 the Winter sports were added and both sets were showcased each year.  For 86 years the Olympic Events were Spring and Winter in the same year until 1994 the Olympics began a transition to an every 2 year cycle with Winter and Spring Events alternating years.

For the 21st Century there are more than 12,000 athletes that compete in more than 360 events per cycle.

This Olympic Season marks the 22nd Olympic Season, with events for all to enjoy, from skating, to weightlifting, ice hockey, curling, the luge and so many more.  The Olympics takes over many households for the 2 weeks that it is on.

While the presentation of the Games has evolved with improvements in technology and the desire of the host nations to showcase their own artistic expression, the basic events of each ceremony have remained unchanged. The presentation of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies continue to increase in scope, scale and expense with each successive celebration of the Games, but they are still steeped in tradition.


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