From Northern Michigan to the Sochi Olympics 2014

Olympic fans are still enjoying another week of activities!  Closing ceremonies are a week away, and so much has yet to be seen.

From Luge, skiing, curling, to speed skating and more the Olympics offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Northern Michigan has a special place in the Olympics this year, for a Kingsley woman who has been designing costumes for over 20 years, a few Olympians will be wearing a costume designed by her.  She began as a figure skater many years ago, and today designs costumes for the beginner to the Olympic skater.  A custom costume can take two months to complete, well worth the wait!

East Jordan is home to Stonehedge Fiber Mill, and in 2012 their Olympic dream began.  A local attraction sign on M32 brought a visitor into their store, and one skein of yarn made its way to New York to the offices of Ralph Lauren.  Months later a phone call came in with a multitude of questions and the request for yarn samples and a color card.

Months of phone calls and samples sent out, resulted in a contract to provide the yarn for the Closing Ceremony Sweaters to be worn by 200 Olympians in Sochi 2014!  When watching the Olympics this winter, take pleasure in knowing that Northern Michigan is represented!  Closing ceremony sweaters featuring Stonehedge Fiber Mill and local Kingsley woman designing costumes for the skaters!!


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