Enegy Efficiency

energyefficiencySaving energy is important all year round and for many of us this winter has strained us.  We look at trying to improve our home and energy savings as much as we can.  We feel cold drafts coming in through our windows, doors and often time we lose heat and we don’t know it.  It is throwing money literally out the window!

This spring, take a look at your windows, doors and roofing and see if there are any ways that you can improve your homes energy efficiency.  With All Weather Seal West Michigan, we offer free home estimates, up front pricing and no hidden costs!  We are completely in house, we don’t subcontract our installations out!

AWS is full service, from beginning to end beginning with one of our consultants coming to you on your schedule and showing you where you are losing energy and giving you the best price possible on replacements!

Some energy saving tips for you!!

•Install high-performance windows, screens and films to protect upholstery, wood and artwork from UV rays while saving energy.

•Eliminate “hot spots” in your home by using High-performance windows, solar window screens and qualified window films.

•Consider high-performance windows before you replace your AC system. They’re so efficient that they may help reduce the size and cost needed for a AC system.

•Install high-performance windows with double-glazing and spectrally selective coatings that reduce heat gain and avoid cranking up your AC.

•Look for the National Fenestration Rating Council label when shopping for new windows: It means the window’s performance is certified.

•Replace the roof with one with an ENERGY STAR® label. It will save energy and help protect the environment through superior energy-efficiency.


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