Wednesday Fun Facts!!!

wackywednesday 11Wednesday finds us with a day filled with odd facts and useless information to make us smile and wonder!!


From all of us at AWS we hope you enjoy these fun facts and smile alongside us!!


  • A peanut is in fact not a nut at all. It is a legume.
  • The Beatles sell more records each year than the Rolling Stones.
  • Apples are better at waking you up in the morning than caffeine.
  • The oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old.
  • The speed of a rain drop is 7 mph.
  • A person laughs, on average, 10 times a day.
  • Any Rubik’s Cube combination can be solved in 17 turns.
  • Albert Einstein never wore any socks.
  • The trunk of an elephant can hold 4 gallons of water.
  • Vanilla is the most popular ice cream at Baskin Robins.

What is your favorite ice cream at Baskin Robins or anywhere for that matter??  Mine is Mint Chocolate Chip!!!  Best treat!!!


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