Leaks no more!!!

IMG_4686Sitting here watching the snow melt around me, I look around and see the small puddle grow from a leak in the roof.  Too much snow this winter has caused ice buildup and the melting decided to make its way into my home!

Not thrilled that the leak in the roof is now finding its way into my home by way of a puddle in my kitchen! I knew my roof was older, but I was hoping for at least another year or two out of it.

So, I decide it is time to invest in a new roof, I have been putting it off long enough. Where to begin?

Since I know that I don’t want to replace a roof more than once, I begin to look into long term solutions and what some options would be.

The time to make a lifetime investment in my home is now! I want a steel roof, with a lifetime warranty, service and a guarantee as well.

I weed out the companies that “offer lifetime” warranty as I want a company that will be around in 10 or 20 years if there is a problem. I don’t want a company that will be here in 10 years, but their warranty doesn’t cover anything at all.

In comes All Weather Seal, I saw them at various shows this past summer and liked what I had seen and remembered they said that the offer a double lifetime warranty and free estimates with no pressure !

I set up my appointment with the AWS team and look forward to their visit and to see what they can do for me.   I will say that they are quick setting up a time frame that works for me and with my schedule.

I had an AWS rep at my home the next afternoon! The rep arrives on time and armed with information to help me better understand my options.

We talk about the problems that I have been having with my roof and why I made the call to AWS. We talk about how long the issues have been happening and how long I want to keep seeing puddles in my kitchen as they grow and grow.

We talk about shakes and baffles and colors and ice buildup, and how long this roof will last me. Realistically the roof will last longer than I will! The warranty passes on with my home, either the sale of or down to whomever inherits my home. I like knowing that, an extra little bit of peace of mind.

The AWS rep is so helpful and offers suggestions and estimates on how much energy I can save with a new roof – imagine my shock when he says that I can save up to 30% on my heat bills with a new roof!

While the roof samples were beautiful, the presentation wonderful, the idea of longevity and savings were strong selling points to me.

Decision made! There will be no more puddles of water on my kitchen floor, no more buckets to collect the water that drips from the ceiling and no more ice buildup. And, I will save money and I will never have to roof again !!!


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