Lions, Tigers, Bears OH MY!!!

hippo zooToday is a fun day!!! If you don’t have plans today, kids are on break and the sun is shining down on us, load up the car and head to the Zoo!!! Today is National Zoo Lovers Day! Who doesn’t love the Zoo?


Zoo Lovers Day is for all who love visiting the zoo and seeing all the unique animals that call the zoo home. Zoos allow us to observe these animals in their habitats and learn about their habits. Zoos also allow us to help protect endangered species through research and reproduction in captivity. The zoo is a great way to learn about animals, spend the day watching and listening to so many species talk to you. Some zoos offer a petting area for smaller animals, this is a great introduction to our children. The perfect way to learn about animals, and endangered species is at a zoo, where you can observe them and often times talk to someone about the animal. Class room teaching at its best, first hand, personal and outside in the sun!

Michigan has some amazing zoos that offer a wide variety of animals! Binder Park in Battle Creek has an African Safari where you can get up close and personal with a giraffe and feed them!! (My personal favorite animal) Detroit Zoo has a spectacular Polar Bear Exhibit where you can walk under the Polar Bears as they swim around you! New for the Detroit Zoo is a Giraffe exhibit, I can’t wait to go back and see this addition!!! John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids has a new addition to the Caiman family, a baby named Trogdor who is accepting visitors as of March 1, stop out and say hello! Potter Park Zoo in Lansing is a family fun zoo, welcomes Willow (an 8 month old Alaskan Moose). Visiting the UP, stop in at the Garlyn Zoo for a fun visit at the largest zoo in the UP, in the mood to meet Wallace the Hippo, stop by the DeYoung Family Zoo and Wallace will be sure to welcome you.

So in honor of National Zoo Lovers Day what is your favorite animal? Plan a trip to the zoo soon !!!


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