Wednesday ~ How FUN you are!!!

wednesay14Wacky Wednesday finds us with another small list of useless facts and information.. While nothing we would use normally, they are facts and information that will make us think and ponder for a moment.. We may smile and laugh, we may shake our head in amazement, but in the end we probably won’t remember these facts in a year! So from all of us at AWS, Wacky fun facts to get us over the midweek hill….

  • Mars has the largest known volcano in our solar system.
  • Carpenter ants have been used to close wounds in Asia and South America.
  • You are more likely to be killed by a donkey than in a plane.
  • The weight of a blue whale’s tongue is greater than most elephants.
  • A bean cell has more DNA than a human cell.
  • An elephant can’t jump!
  • Hitler was a vegetarian.
  • Rutherford Hayes, the 19th president of the US, was elected president by one vote!
  • The World Trade Center had several of it’s own zip codes.
  • Wal-Mart was China’s 8th largest trading partner.
  • An ostrich egg would take 4 hours to boil.
  • During his life, Van Gogh only sold 1 of his paintings.
  • There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.
  • Starfish have no brains.

So tomorrow I may wonder why an elephant can’t jump or why I would want to boil an ostrich egg but today I am only shaking my head as I read these fun facts!!!


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