Take A GUESS!!!!

take a guess dayHow many do you guess?? So many guesses, how many jelly beans in the jar, how many leggos, bubble gum and so much more! Guess, guess and guess some more, the ideas are endless and the jars plentiful!

Guess high, guess low for a chance to win a prize! Sometimes the prize is the candy in the jar, always a favorite of the kids!

Today is National Take a Wild Guess Day!! Celebrated each year on April 15, it is National Take a Wild Guess Day. This is the day that honors guesses, hunches, inspiration, speculations and other forms of “intuitive intelligence”. This day is a day you may want to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar or how many coins are in the tube…it is a day about hunches and guesses. A day of fun guesses, silly things, silly guesses and a chance to win if your guess is correct!

I think I will grab a jar and fill it with Jelly Beans in honor of National Take A Wild Guess Day and see how close the kids get!!! Have a great Guessing DAY !!!


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