High Five!!!

highfivedayEach year, in the United State, on the third Thursday of April, we celebrate National High Five Day. This is a fun day where you can “High Five” everyone that you see.   High five those you pass on the sidewalk, those in the subway line, people in the movie line, office workers by the water fountain, strangers in the elevator and everyone that will “High Five” you back!

The ultimate goal of the holiday was to better people’s days by giving high fives to strangers, who might then be inspired to give high fives to others. While the headquarters of the holiday started on the university campus, it quickly spread thanks to the power of the internet.


A little High Five Day History…

To make the days brighter and lift the spirits of so many, three college students created this day! All beginning in 2002, together they created National High Five Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.

So, today finish the day by giving a complete stranger a High Five paired with ‘have a great day’!


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