Hello??? Hello???

Telephone-History-Western-Electric (1)Did you ever wonder what the first words into a telephone were? “Mr. Watson –Come here, I want to see you”. Those were the first words spoken into a telephone also originally known as the ‘speaking telegraph’, by Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876 to his assistant Thomas A. Watson.

Who knew that in 1877, when the Bell Telephone Company ws created, that one year later more than 150,000 People in the United States would own telephones.

The invention of the telephone emerged as one of the most successful products ever!

In January 1915 was when the very first transcontinental telephone call was made, from the AT&T office in New York City to San Francisco. And now we call all over without a care in the world, our biggest care is whether we have a signal on our cells!

Boy times have changed, today people are familiar with the modern technology in telephones such as the Droid, IPhone and Blackberry’s. It is a different world carrying a phone is your pocket, with internet capability, voice activation, built-in camera, games, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, music and etc. compared to the telephone that was hard wired to the wall or sat on a desk, with a cord and a rotary dial.   Remember party lines and switchboard operators? We have come a long way since the first telephone!! What would Alexander Graham Bell think today?


Make Alexander Graham Bell proud call someone today and tell them…..Happy National Telephone Day!



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