Spring into Savings

springenergy savingsAfter an expensive winter, and energy costs still on the rise, this summer could be sweaty and expensive. But there are some easy ways to trim your cooling costs without suffering through 90-degree evenings, in need of air conditioning. In fact, if you begin preparing for the impending heat wave now, you can almost certainly save a few hundred dollars.

During the summer, if you use window-unit air conditioners, making sure they fit tightly so air can’t escape around the unit can shave around 20 percent off your heating and cooling costs.

Close those shades! Anything that keeps the sun from coming in and creating a hothouse effect will make it much easier for your air conditioning unit to maintain cooler temperatures. If you want to think long term, consider planting some large leafy trees or bushes to give your home more coverage in areas that get a lot of sun.

Keeping the filters clean are important as well. Often times it is as simple as running them through some water and letting them air dry.

Programming the thermostat can save you upwards of 30 percent annually. Most thermostats are user friendly and you can come home to a warmer home in the winter and cooler home in the summer if you program away!

Need an excuse for take out? How about grilling? Nothing is better than a burger cooked on the grill outside! Save the heat, and cook outside on a grill! This will help maintain cooler temps inside so that your air conditioning doesn’t have to work twice as hard when the oven is on!!

While taking these steps does not guarantee that you will save energy, but it help in reducing your bills monthly. Doing some of these will and should make for a lighter energy bill and allowing for some extra SUMMER FUN…


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