Cookie Monster Heaven!!!

cookieIt’s debatable if we need a holiday to celebrate the treat that makes up a quarter of all cookies baked in America today, but we’re happy to indulge nonetheless.

Cookies, granola bars and pancakes are just a few of the foods that taste delicious with chocolate chips added in, so now get your cookbooks out and be ready as May 15 celebrates National Chocolate Chip Day.

It is hard to imagine where we would be without the invention of chocolate chips. Would cookies be the same?

In 1937, Ruth Graves Wakefield, Whitman Massachusetts, while working at the Toll House Inn, added cut-up chunks of semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bar to a cookie recipe. Due to the cookies being such a huge success, in 1939 Wakefield signed an agreement with Nestle to add her recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging. In exchange for her recipe, Wakefield would receive a lifetime supply of chocolate.   The Nestle brand Toll House cookies are named for the Inn that she worked at.

A small chopping tool was initially included with the Nestle chocolate bars however in 1941, they, and other competitors, started selling the chocolate in chip or morsel form.

Semi-sweet was the original flavor of chocolate chips. Today the flavors come in bittersweet, semi-sweet, mint, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white and dark swirled. During the holidays you can often find seasonal colors!

There are recipes, of all kinds, available that include chocolate chips, some of which are recipes for cakes, breads, bars, pies, cookies, muffins, frosting, pancakes, waffles, trail mix, ice cream and so much more.


Grab a cookie before Cookie Monster gets them all!!!  I grabbed mine already today!!!


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