Happy 1st Birthday TC Location

one yearWelcome to AWS West through my eyes…..Celebrating one year later, one year stronger!

My name is AJ and I  have been the office manager for AWS West Traverse City office and your blogger extraordinaire for a year now! Not that I was a blogger or had blogged, but I can say that I do now!

Why read my blogs?  It is never a typical read about a business, I added the fun things we do, a little comic relief and insight to who we are as individuals and not just the business side of us.

The Traverse City office is celebrating their one year anniversary, as am Nik and I. As we all learned and have grown with AWS West together, you can learn and continue to grow with us.  I hope that you can laugh with us as you continue to read these blogs.

I applied for the position as OM, interviewed and was offered the position in the office.  I took the position after a list of pros and cons, travel time being one of them.  My leap of faith was guided by the fact that the owner of AWS West stands behind their product.  No, they don’t just SAY they do, they DO.  I know, hard to believe in this day and age.

So, one year later I sit here and I continue to blog about the inside scoop and AWS West.

The Traverse City office is a growth into the Northern Michigan area-as we have continued to do business up here Scott (the owner) felt it was important to be ‘local’ as we grew in the area, so a new office in a new location it was. Perfect sense as the teams would come up from the Lowell area work up here and head back home.  None of them complained as they got to visit beautiful Northern Michigan while they worked, I am sure many didn’t want to go home to work!  Today, staff continues to visit Up North, there is always a reason to come up! Some training is done in the TC office, many job sites in the TC area as we continue to grow and expand!

With me, I brought experience in management, customer service, events, promotions and absolutely no experience with windows, siding and roofing!  I know, crazy isn’t it!  Why hire someone who knows nothing about the product that is the backbone of the company?  I like to think that I brought the perspective of the “average joe” and learning about the company and product to the customers as I have learned right alongside them.

As I continued to learn each day about cedar shake, baffles, color wheels, panes and so much more I also tried to laugh as I worked.  Thank goodness there hasn’t been a test about each product and all the inner workings because I tell you I would Fail!!!  Shhhh… don’t tell my bosses…….

Join me as we celebrate one year in our Traverse City Location as it has been staffed and opened for one year! We have grown, laughed, cried and fought mountains of snow this winter but today we stand stronger as our presence continues to grow in Northern Michigan! We blog about silly things, fun things and the workings of AWS, you might find a personal recipe or 2 to celebrate a special day but you will also read about our products, our team and commitment to serve YOU!


Happy Birthday Traverse City Office!!!!



3 comments on “Happy 1st Birthday TC Location

  1. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! That alone says something about your business. The first year is always the hardest. Once you conquer that first year, the following years will come easier year after year. As always AJ, it is a pleasure reading all of your daily blogs. I love just how much excitement and enthusiasm you put into each and every one of your blogs. Congrats again All-Weather Seal!

  2. I have enjoyed All Weather Seal’s Blogs – I enjoy the “National Day” posts, the fun things I read and the recipes that have been shared! Such a nice work blog but one that adds personal touches to it ! Thank you for the great reads!

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