Summer has arrived!

fairWith some comes the fun of outdoor events and activities!  AWS is super excited to arrive at all the local 2014 events throughout West Michigan.  We hit the fairs, concerts, flea markets, craft/vendor shows and so much more in the summer!

This gives us a chance to meet YOU!  We love to be outside, listening to the sounds of summer in every way possible.  We take in the local communities as they put on their hometown festivals, so for us it is a chance to get to know you and your community.  You as the community member get to meet us and chat with us!

Each and every community in Michigan has welcomed us, opened their hometown to us as County Fairs are hosted, the Community Days weekends that we look forward to each season!  All the communities have such fun activities at their events!

We enjoy the 5k’s, the dinners, the music, the face painting, the petting zoos and so much more!  For us, while we may be working most of the day, when we take a break, we do so and visit your town!  We take back memories of your town, and often times we make plans to come visit again when we are not working an event in your town!

We thank all the towns, communities, counties and each person as we look forward to seeing you once again during the summer season!!!

Welcome 2014 Summer FUN Season!!!!


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