She thinks we’re just fishing on the river side….

fishing3Today we celebrate National Go Fishing Day!  June 18th is Go Fishing Day, so in honor of this day take time from your daily routine to go find a stream, a pond, a lake or a river, bait your hook, cast out your pole and catch a fish or two!!  Catch some for dinner, have a fish bake with family and friends!!

In addition to providing food for many, fishing is a recreational pastime that is enjoyed by young and old! Fishing tournaments are huge, and some take this sport very seriously! Prizes reach upwards of thousands of dollars.

Recreational fishing includes conventions, rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way in which fish may be caught.  A rod, reel, line and hooks with any one of the different forms of bait or lures, are the most common form of recreational fishing.  For our youth they need only to know how to bait the hook and have fun as they catch that fish!  Whether big or small, their grin says it all as they bring in their prize catch!!!

The practice of catching (or attempting to catch) fish with a hook is known as angling.  It is sometimes expected, required or just practiced by some, while angling, that the fish be returned to the water.  This is known as catch and release, many fish just to fish as it can be relaxing as one sits by the river bank in the sun.

Celebrate National Go Fishing Day with a few friends or the whole family, in a boat or on the shore, catching fish until you must go home.

An she thinks we’re just fishing on the river side,
throwing back what we could fry,
drowning worms an killing time,
nothing too ambitious
she ain’t even thinking bout what’s really going on right now
but I guarantee this memories a big one
and she thinks we’re just fishing

Trace Adkins ~ Just Fishin’ ~ Making Memories one catch at a time!!



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