A little bit of Myles today……

mylesEvery job has that one thing that one person that just makes you smile no matter what.

In this office, it is Myles!  He always is eager to come into the office, he smiles and is happy to see you.

The customers absolutely love him, he is a welcome addition to any meeting that our sales rep goes to, with Myles alongside him, they are a winning combination!

Day in and day out, nights and weekends, Myles is there to lend a helping hand, assist with the sale and sometimes he is the one who closes the deal!

Myles is never asking for anything, once in a while on Monday mornings, you see an occasional telltale sign that Myles was in the office over the weekend.

Friendly faces and welcoming smiles, at All Weather Seal West, that is what we like to see!  We enjoy our job, we love our customers and we hope that they love us!

Myles is a great addition to All Weather Seal, here is the office, he is so loving, and offers attention (even when you don’t want it)!  Lunch time in the office, you can be sure Myles is close by, he can’t be left out!

You know that Myles is a part of this office when you walk in and see the candy jar on my desk (filled with his favorite treats), you never know when he will show up in the office!

There is always a smile and a hug when Myles comes to the office, he is welcomed and loved by all. He has a special place here, and my only complaint is when Myles leaves the office, there is always a pile of dog hair left behind on the carpet!  Yes, Myles is a DOG, he is part of the AWS Family! The candy jar on my desk if full of dog biscuits, and there is always a water bowl in the back room filled for him.  The customers love him when he visits.  I get a smile on my face when he comes racing in the door and makes a slide around the office door running to my desk waiting for a treat from me!

Myles is part of the AWS Team, so if you see him out and about give him a big hello, as he works hard with our team!!!



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