Flip Flops for me and you !!!

flipflop day

Tomorrow is the last day of spring (the summer solstice is June 21). Celebrate the arrival of a new season with National Flip Flop Day!

IT’S National Flip Flop Day so paint your nails,The sun is shining (somewhere)  and at last summer is here, so when better to get your toes out and celebrate the glorious weather than National Flip Flop Day on June 20?

Ending spring and bringing on summer, we can do so in style! Flip flops are a sure sign that summer has arrived, the piggies are free, nails are painted (more often than not)  even men enjoy the freedom that flip flops allow.

So many colors, so many styles to choose from, flip flops are something that you can have 20 pairs of and still not have enough!

Flip Flops can be bought for $1 or some are $100, they are perfect for the beach, gardening, and so much more.  You can dress them up or down, there is no right or wrong when flip flops are involved!

Glitter, glam and more for women flip fops are a fashion statement!  See you today with your flip flops on!!

So, go on, put your best foot forward!





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