National Insurance Awareness Day is celebrated each year on June 28.  This day was created as a day to review your insurance coverage’s.

While this day may have been created to assist you so that your insurance needs are met, this day also allows us at AWS to let you know that when making arrangements for home improvements, insurance needs must be met as well.  For many, a contractor does not offer up their insurance policy up front, at AWS we do!  All our brochures offer a copy of our current coverage with policy number listed.  There is no mistake that our coverage is available for you to look at and verify!

We want you to have peace of mind when making a large investment in your home with improvements!  We feel that your home is your largest investment and that investment needs to last a lifetime.  AWS is the company that can offer you peace of mind from beginning to end then after.  We will always be available to service your needs!

Insurance does offer one peace of mind knowing they are financially protected in case of loss, damage, illness or death.   Take a moment to take a peek at your coverage, and if making a choice for home improvements, take a peek at AWS for your home improvement needs !  We have you covered!


Happy National Insurance Awareness Day!



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