Everyday there is someone in need of assistance….

Flat River Outreach MinistriesAll Weather Seal West Michigan is a company that cares, one that believes in the power of giving back!

In our home town of Lowell, there is this amazing program called Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) where they offer a countless list of ways to help the community.

Today, for many times are tough. While a community works together to help as best as they can so that families can overcome hurdles that may be in their path, Flat River Outreach Ministries is a program that is here for all who may need the most basic of human needs: food, clothing and shelter.

For many families, a question that they may have to ask themselves is “do we pay the rent or buy groceries?” “Do we pay for heat or do we pay for our medications?” At FROM, that question can be solved, because they will help so that you don’t have to make that hard decision!

In a time where work is not as abundant, rising fuel costs and food costs seem to grow daily but the one thing that doesn’t increase is our pay checks!  When the winter bills come, and heating costs rise, many families find themselves wondering what they can do without until the next paycheck comes.

At All Weather Seal, we don’t like to think of any family in need, and are proud to support Flat River Outreach Ministries, while FROM found themselves with an older building in much need of some energy efficiency, AWS was please to assist in that area.  We have donated and installed about 75 new energy efficient windows to the FROM building!  This allowing them to save on their energy bills, saving them money in turn allowing Flat River Outreach Ministries to focus their attention on a community!


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