One Father is more than one hundred schoolmasters!



This day is celebrated annually on July 7, it is National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day.  In an effort to promote the benefits of family bonding time between fathers and daughters as well as the benefits of physical activity, this day is celebrated. Father and daughter bonding is one that never goes away.  From the first dance on her dad’s feet as he leads her around the living room to the father ~ daughter dance at her wedding, this bond lasts a lifetime and on.

These are the memories that that will stay with you forever. No matter what you do with your time together, building history that will be continued for generations to come.   During the summer season there are many wonderful places to walk and enjoy nature as you spend time talking, laughing and bonding.  The time you spend together is more valuable than any other gift you can give a child, no matter how old your child is.

Another important lesson is the example of a healthy lifestyle to your children.  Walking has many health benefits and can be incorporated into your child’s life at a young age.  Walking is also a great daily activity for the whole family to do together. With each step, each mile taken as a family, you are building miles of memories.  Take a walk today!

Have a great National Father Daughter Take A Walk Day!


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