Which one would you rather enjoy?

beachtrashed image        beach 2While a community welcomes all for events and business matters, we still as guests need to remember that this is someone’s home.  Often times, tourists, visitors don’t seem to care what they leave behind after their visit has ended. For locals, the people that live there year round, we have to clean up after the visitors.  For some that isn’t fair!

Cherry Festival and 4th of July bring many visitors to the Traverse City area, and AWS is a local business with staff that lives in the area, for us it is a home base, and we make sure that we take care of the area!

It saddens all of us at AWS; at our TC office and the home office to see the aftermath of the beginning of what could have been a week of fun for many.  The guests and many local youth left the beaches a mess, there is so much trash and debris scattered around what once was sandy beaches enjoyed by many was left a dangerous, dirty trash can.

Beaches need to be cleaned up as people that were enjoying the beach front, left its in such a state of disaster that others could not enjoy it until cleared of all the debris.  Is this fair?  Is this right? No, it isn’t.  It takes only a minute to take your trash with you when you leave a public area.

While this isn’t a normal blog for us, this is one of respect and asking that when you are at a public place, whether in your hometown or as a guest in another town, clean up after you leave so the next family can enjoy!

We want everyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches and lakes that Michigan is known for, tourism is a large part of Michigan, be mindful and respectful of others as you enjoy the beautiful area.

Leave the area as you would like to see it, close your eyes and imagine the beautiful beaches that we all love and wish to enjoy….  From all of us at AWS, we love our beaches, we LOVE Michigan and want everyone to enjoy them free of debris and clutter.


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