Who doesn’t love a Sugar Cookie?

mitten cookieFor many, this is the most favorite cookie of all time!  Sugar cookies are the one cookie that is baked year round as they are often cut into shapes for each holiday!  Making, ducks, chicks, shamrocks, hearts, ghost’s goblins and Santa’s the sugar cookie is totally a family favorite!  Making these cookies is often a family tradition done together in a group.

Cookie walks and sales feature decorated sugar cookies making it fun to enjoy!  Celebrating National Sugar Cookie today with a sweet treat!!  Each year on July 9th, this days honors the ever popular and tasty sugar cookie!

Each holiday season sugar cookies are baked and often times they are grabbed fresh out of the oven, warm and sweet many don’t wait for the icing to hit the cookie!  One of the easiest cookies to make, the kids always have fun using cookie cutters to cut out various shapes.  All year round, dogs, cats, suns, letters and shapes take form with sugar cookie dough!

A little Sugar Cookie history for you, this sweet treat is believed to have originated in the mid 1700’s in Pennsylvania.  It is said that the German Protestant Settlers created this round, sweet, crumbly cookie that became known as the Nazareth Cookie and later on the Sugar Cookie!!!


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