Customers come and customers go, but not with AWS…


With All Weather Seal West Michigan, a customer is not just that.  Our customers become part of the AWS family.  We know our customers, we know their families, often times we do install work for multiple family members.

We enjoy seeing our customers out and about, and love it when they stop one of our team members on the street and let them know how much they enjoy the products they have purchased!

Our satisfied customers speak for miles and generations to come.  We guarantee our installation and our product line for families to enjoy for a lifetime.

How can we do this?  In today’s world a double lifetime guarantee is so unusual.  Many home improvement companies offer a limited warranty with their product line, and often times it doesn’t cover anything and only lasts a short time.

With AWS, your warranty lasts the lifetime YOU own the home and then CONTINUES to the NEXT homeowner!  For us, that speaks volumes, for you that shout’s from the rooftops that this is a company that stands behind, in front of and beside their products!

When you decide to become part of the AWS Family, you are in this family for a lifetime!

We welcome you with open arms, smiles and a double lifetime guarantee!


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