Creepy, Crawly Treat Day!!!!

gummy wormWe have gummy bears, letter, sharks, flowers and so much more but gummy worms remain the top selling gummy candy in the world!

Gummy worms were originally created by a German Company in 1981, ‘Trolli´ was the first to hit the shelf with these ever popular gummy worms!  Now featured in sour as well, these worms are used for more than just a sweet treat!

While the Gummy Worm is ever popular, first came the bear in 1922, so Gummy Bears were the first ‘rubber’ candy as Gummy is German for rubber.  The Gummy Bears were created by HARIBO of Germany, hence the name! While first designed for Dancing Bears, today the Gummy candy takes on multiple shapes and flavors!

These creepy, crawly treats now exist in a large variety of flavors and shapes!  Sweet or sour, red, blue, yellow or green, the choice is up to you!

Celebrate National Gummy Worm Day with a bag of your favorite crawly treat!!!


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