The Perfect Roof to last a Lifetime!

houseAdvantages to an Energy Loc Roof:

  • Strong
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Energy Efficient
  • UV Reflective
  • Improves Resale Vale
  • Resistant to Ice Damming
  • Insurance Discounts (Where Available)
  • Looks Great

In many areas where weather damage is prevalent, insurance companies offer substantial premium reductions to homeowners with a Energy-loc roof.

Appearance~ Energy-loc’s product line has the premium presentation discriminating homeowners are seeking. The homeowners resale value increases with metal roofs vs. wood shake or asphalt composition.

Maintenance with Energy-loc is virtually a maintenance free product.

Energy Efficiency can be upwards of 30% with an Energy Loc Roof, savings varies by location, ventilation, installation, and heat source.  This saving guideline is only that, a guideline for potential savings.


Give AWS a call today to get a free home inspection and estimate on a new roof to start saving today!


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