National Milk Chocolate Day!!

chocolateToday all chocoholics unite!!!  Today is National Milk Chocolate Day!!

A day to indulge in a sweet chocolate treat!!  Milk chocolate is a mix of solid cocoa paired with dry or condensed milk.  Milk chocolate is a favorite for cookies, candy bars, hot cocoa and so much more.

Milk Chocolate lovers, today is a day to celebrate!  Each year on July 28, it is National Milk Chocolate Day.  July 7 was the day we all happily celebrated National Chocolate Lovers Day, now today is all about just the flavor of Milk Chocolate.

Millions of people enjoy milk chocolate in candy, in baking and in hot chocolate.  Today you can enjoy milk chocolate your favorite way!

Chocolate is GOOD for you!  Really it is, chocolate has many mood enhancing benefits, it can make you happy!  Chocolate contains stimulants that will enhance your mood!  Natural, chocolate love to make you smile!

Do we really need a reason to enjoy chocolate?  Grab a small treat today, milk chocolate in the form of a hug, kiss, cookie or bar today and smile!   Grab some Milk Chocolate today and enjoy a treat!



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