Fall is just around the corner!!

fallAs I sit here looking out at the stars and take in the sunsets on the water and the calm of summer nights I know that it isn’t going to last much longer.  School is heading back into session only 4 weeks away, which brings on the many changes that will begin to occur. We can’t say go away please!

The warm breeze that has passed by us night after night, the water hitting and crashing as the tide comes in, the feeling of the sand between our toes, those times are leaving us shortly as we look forward to Fall.

It seems as though the First day of school, marks the day when things begin to change, and we notice those changes a little more every day. The days get a little shorter; the sun sets a little earlier. We begin to have cooler nights and soon enough it is time for the furnace to kick in! So, sit back enjoy the fall because tomorrow we wake up and look out the windows and say “I am not ready for Winter”!!

As the nights are getting cooler already, I notice that I have some cool air sneaking inside my home.  This I didn’t notice earlier, so while enjoying the view from my windows, the beauty is set aside as I wonder why air is sneaking in.  I think that maybe this is the time to take a look at replacing some windows before it gets too cold outside.

I decide to make the call in the morning to All Weather Seal, to see about that free home inspection and estimate on some new windows.  Prepare for winter, early making this a priority is key so that I can enjoy the beauty through the windows and not worry about air seeping in!

All Weather Seal West can take care of my winter blues before they hit!  New windows can save me money this year and each year to come.

I didn’t know that I could lose so much heat out of my windows  in the winter.   I am losing money that can be put towards some new windows I think!  These windows will pay for themselves sooner that I thought.

At All Weather Seal West, we offer free inspections and estimates for all your needs, we are here to assist you in your energy savings!!  Call or stop in and visit us, take a minute to speak with us for a lifetime of savings!!!


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